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Customer Service Charter

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Customer service charter - Tag Line: Attentive * Available * Reliable

A. Ways to communicate with AQ can be done via

1. Fix line

2. Mobile phone - Call, SMS, WhatsApp & WeChat

3. Email

Please note for any quotation request, sufficient information is necessary so we can be delivered to your door or via email.

B. Payment option:

You can pay with the following arrangement. It is simple, secure and convenient. If you have account with any of these bank:

- Maybank

- Alliance Bank

- Public Bank

1. Internet banking

You may opt to drop by our office or you may call collect (within KK only and subject to suitability) if you are making payment with

2. Cash or cheque

3. For Credit card payment option, it will be transacted only at the office.

C. Response

1. Walk-in customer - Will be served immediately

2. Phone enquiry - Phone ringing will be answered within 15 seconds

3. Email or correspondence - Will be replied within the same day

4. Claims - We will provide advisory, support and report of the claim status on a regular basis

D. Others

1. Anti fraud - We will maintain a legal and ethical climate to protect all stackholders and have zero tolerance of fraud.

2. Your personal information - You will have our assurance and commitment to ensure the safety and security of every customer’s information

3. Comprehensiveness and transparency of products - we shall not engage in or tolerate deceptive, misleading or false representations on any of our products or services

4. Commitment - We will follow-through on our commitment