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SMOKE DETECTOR - Your savior

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Why Is It Important?

Late awareness is the main cause of death at home due to the absence of an early detection device.

Early warning for escaping is vital since smoke spread in seconds and fire kills in minutes

In the absent of an early warning device to wake us up, Carbon Dioxide, a byproduct of FIRE, can numb your senses and lull you into unconsciousness.


Providing an early warning enabling us in acting swiftly for:-
1. Saving precious life and properties
2. Extinguishing fire at the incipient stage
3. Providing us those precious seconds in escaping


Research clearly indicates that when fire occur in your home especially in the early hours of the morning, when you are deep asleep, your chances of survival are greatly enhanced if your home is installed with smoke detectors. In a FIRE, time is your worst enemy, and smoke detectors saves your life by providing you those precious seconds in escaping so NEVER SLEEP WITHOUT ONE.

We have various model to choose - Photoelectric or Ionisation unit with remote testing & inter-connectable or basic standalone unit. Quality Product & low price.

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