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Takaful Insurance

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The concept of Takaful

Takaful is an insurance concept which is grounded in Islamic Muamalat, observing the rules and regulations of Shariah. It is a concept that has been in practice for over 1,400 years. The Takaful system stresses the spirit of co-operation and joint responsibility among participants.

In principle, Takaful system is based on mutual co-operation, responsibility, assurance, protection and assistance between groups of participants. In other words, it is the provision of shared contributions to help those who are in need.

These fundamentals are based on the Holy Quran and the sayings of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. Some of the examples are:

1. Basis of co-operation

2. Basis of responsibility

3. Basis of Mutual Protection

The Benefit of Takaful

Through the spirit of cooperation and joint-responsibility among participants, the act of charity and benevolence allows participants the opportunity to obtain two forms of benefit. First the monetary benefits through the Takaful plan itself. Secondly the “benefits” in the spiritual sense, through the act of Tabarru’ (donation), participants will receive God’s grace and blessings in life Hereafter. The Takaful system does not differentiate colour or creed; it is meant to benefit all participants, irrespective of their religious beliefs.


General Takaful

1. Motor Vehicle Takaful

2. Fire and Home Takaful

3. Public Liability Takaful

4. Niaga Takaful

5. Kembara Takaful

6. Contractor All Risk Takaful

7. Personal Accident Takaful

    And many more.

Family Takaful

1. Saving Takaful

2. Education Takaful

3. Wanita Takaful

4. Lifestyle Takaful

5. Haj Saving Takaful

6. Investment Linked Takaful

And related Takaful riders:

1. Critical Illness Takaful rider

2. Accidental Death Takaful rider

3. Term Takaful rider

4. Hospital Benefit Takafu riderl

5. Family Income Takaful rider

6. Premium waiver Takaful rider

7. Premium Saving Takaful rider

Group Takaful

1. Group Credit Takaful

2. Employee Benefits Takaful

3. Non-employee Benefits Takaful

4. Takaful Gadaijanji Dan Pemilik Rumah